At Mile High Spine and Sport we specialize in the treatment of pregnancy aches and pains.  Whether it’s your back, headaches, round ligament pain, foot pain, hip pain, or any other pregnancy related pain, we can help.  During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is released in the body to relax the tissues in preparation for birth.  Relaxin is necessary for the birthing process, but can cause instability at the joints and ligaments.   In addition, weight and postural changes during pregnancy place more pressure on the back, hips, and feet.

At Mile High Spine and Sport we use pregnant specific exercises, soft tissue work, and adjustments to help and prevent pains with pregnancy.  Exercise such as crunches and sit-ups should always be avoided during pregnancy and we can provide you with safe exercises to keep your body and baby healthy.  In order to prevent joint problems during and after pregnancy it is crucial to have a strong core and maintain a healthy spine with exercises and chiropractic treatment.

For pregnancy related pains rock tape (sports tape) can be applied by the clinician to give more support without compromising the pregnancy or putting pressure on the belly.  Back belts and other devices used for back pain, hip pain, and round ligament pain can put unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. 

If you or someone you know is having pregnancy pains, feel free to contact us for more information

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``I've met a lot of other doctors out here, but I definitely feel like Ryan's the best one I've met.`` -Shane, Professional MMA Fighter

``Dr. Dunn and his chiropractic methodology has really been the only thing that has worked for me on a long term basis.`` -Jason