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“I’ve been going to Ryan Dunn for a number of years. Given back issues, it is a maintenance need for me. He can read what is wrong, provide PT type support and exercises, dry needling, as well as adjustments. Dr. Dunn is focused on what your body needs to improve it’s alignment, strength and flexibility.”

Leigh K. Mar 6, 2019


“I have been through many back specialist with a series of unimaginable back pains and bulged disks. Ryan was the only one that was able to make my pain go away, and build strength in my core. I always recommend him to everyone! He’s also a rad dude!”

Natalie J. Feb 26, 2019


“I came in for treatment for chronic migraine and severe TMJ. After a few months of treatment, my migraines are completely gone and the TMJ has improved drastically and I’ve learned how to avoid it in the future.”

Gregory Hopkins. Dec 19, 2018


“Dr. Dunn is a gifted and intelligent chiropractor. He’s helped me with my hip and spine (which helped my golf game!) and lately offered excellent assistance following my concussion. I’ve been to many chiros over the years and he’s the first to really listen to what is happening and figure out how to correct / alleviate the situation. I highly recommend him.”

Sandie Erskine. Dec 13, 2018


“Just had to share how pleased I am with Dr Dunn. My daughter’s wrist kept popping out. I took her to a chiropractor who just kept popping it back into place. Sometimes it would pop out as we left her office. Dr Dunn worked on her wrist, gave her exercises to strengthen her wrist and also worked on her shoulder posture. He told her that if your posture is wrong, it can be part of the problem since all of these muscle groups are interconnected. If you want to address a problem, go to Dr Dunn.”

L.B. Dec 6, 2018


“Dr. Ryan is amazing! He always fits me into the schedule. He’s very friendly and provides me information to help me. When I started seeing Dr. Ryan I was always in pain and feared not being able to run track due to shin splints. Dr. Ryan showed me exercise, provided massage and acupuncture. Now I see Dr. Ryan for maintenance and I’m able to run track pain free.”

A.A. Nov 18, 2018


“Dr Dunn by far is the best Physician I have seen, he has helped me thru Chronic pain after hip replacement he carefully evaluates me each visit to see if I have progressed , recommends specific exercises etc.. The pain has decreased and I am almost at a full recovery. I went thru several other providers before seeing Dr. Dunn , and none come close to the care he provides. I highly recommend him !!!”

T.L. Nov 8, 2018


“I was referred to Dr Dunn by a friend, I had been to 3 or 4 other Drs before coming to him. he is the only Dr that has been able to help me. After having my hip replaced I had extreme pain and was limited in all of the activities I enjoy. He was able to access the problem and has been treating me ever since. I can now get back to my daily routine and activities. I highly recommend Dr Dunn. !!!!”

Tony L. Oct 24, 2018


“Ryan has helped me through a couple of injuries (Knee and Elbow) I was told by doctors I would need surgery on my knee and after multiple treatments and hard work My knee is now pain free! Thanks Ryan”

C.D. Sep 25, 2018


“I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Dunn for over a year. I had been to other doctors and a PT previously, but with treatment and exercises that Ryan has prescribed, he is the only one who has helped me manage my back injury. Finally I can live a normal life and not be in pain every single day. It’s not a panacea and didn’t take place overnight, but being able to do whatever activity, be it kayaking, mountain biking or rock climbing, and not have to limit myself is magical.”

Ryan B. Sep 19, 2018


“I’d recommend Mile HIgh Spine and Sport to anyone who is in need of a Sports Medicine Chiropractor. Dr. Ryann is knowledgeable, pleasant and his goal is to help and educate you on your issue/injury.”

Mrs. Austin. Sep 13, 2018


“Dr. Dunn is knowledgeable and personable. I improved over the summer through his care. I highly recommend him!”

Shelley Lucido. Sep 11, 2018


“Dr. Ryan Dunn is an amazing therapist. His knowledge and expertise, along with his friendly and helpful personality make it a joy to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of healing.”

Patrick McBride. Aug 24, 2018


“SO unlike traditional chiropractors! Ryan Dunn really gets to the heart of the issue to resolve it. He’s provided me with specific exercises to improve the problem and they do just that. I’ve got a significant scoliosis that will need tweeking as I get older and I feel very confident that Dr. Dunn is the one to help me. I highly recommend him.”

sandie E. July 22, 2018


“I set an appointment with Dr Dunn at the recommendation of a friend. I had my hip replaced 2 yrs ago and was experiencing severe pain in my right hip flexor. I have been to 2 other Chiropractors and several Physical Therapists , known of which could diagnosis the problem. Dr Dunn did an assessment and began treatment , within a few weeks the pain was minimal, I am progressing rapidly. He is professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn’t be more pleased. !!!”

T.L. July 10, 2018


“I was in a car accident where I suffered from whiplash, traumatic vertigo and multiple other neck issues. I started seeing Dr. Dunn in late February because I had a horrible choking sensation. He has helped me get rid of that sensation and keep it gone. He has also done more than just adjusting my neck. He has done more physical therapy type stretches and exercises and also dry needling to try and help alleviate my pain. He is great, and I would recommend him to everyone.”

Trisha M. June 28, 2018


“The treatment I’ve received from Ryan has been above and beyond. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend.”

Cindy H. June 22, 2018


“The combination of Chiropractic and acupuncture is really great. It has helped my back tremendously. I highly recommend him.”

Colette Lott. June 15, 2018


“I found Dr. Ryan on the internet, just looking for something close to home. My daughter had sat out of track for a year due to what we were told were Shin Splints. Upon her first appointment the Dr informed us her diagnosis was wrong. He worked on her and had her running track within a few weeks. He also recommends her to come back only when needed. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Ryan as he is very friendly, professional and can often times fit you in very fast.”

T. Brown. June 11, 2018


“I was very impressed with the professionalism and the comprehensive approach used to treat my back injury. I highly recommend Ryan Dunn!”

Colette Lott. May 15, 2018


“Investing in your body now with Dr. Dunn’s help is worth it! Dr. Dunn takes his time to go over the root of your problems causing you pain or difficulty and he educates you on how to prevent the problem from occurring again. He is extremely knowledgeable and credible and after several chiropractic experiences, Dr. Dunn goes above and beyond for his patients and never fails to demonstrate this each visit. Increasing quality of life is so important and he has done so for my husband and I!”

Miranda M. May 11, 2018


“Dr. Dunn’s gift in understanding how the body works is truly special. The way he handles his procedures and applies his knowledge and skills is truly professionalism at its best. Dr Dunn has done a tremendous job in taking care of myself and 4 kids for many years. Dr Dunn specialty in understanding your pain or injury, healing it, and then educating on how to prevent the return of the injury has been a blessing. I highly recommend Mile High Spine and Sports. “

Mario Wilson. May 4, 2018