Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation focuses on full body movements and similar movements to our activities of daily living.  Our treatment approach is based on the Prague School of Medicine (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), the motion palpation institute, Gary Gray, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and the Titleist Performance Institute.


Developed by Pavel Kolar of the Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine. Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization is based on developmental kinesiology and how we as humans acquire posture and movement during the first essential years of our lives.  Pavel Kolar has developed protocols based on his studies under Czech neurologists/physiatrists Vaclav Votja, Karel Lewit, Vladimir Janda, and Frantisek Vele to restore and stabilize locomotor function.


A groundbreaking physical therapist who has advanced traditional physical therapy to more full body movements in all planes of movement. Prior to Gary Gray much of the physical therapy in the United States often involved single joint exercises in one plane of movement.  Gary Gray has transformed how rehab specialists treat pain and movement dysfunctions in the body.  Gary has done extensive research and training in assessing the kinetic chains of the body and how to use them in rehabilitative settings to speed recovery and function.  Gary Gray is also the creator of the Nike Golf Institute. And teaches seminars around the world for Nike Golf and the gray institute.


Founded by Gray Cook is a system that functionally assesses the entire body and determines exactly at what areas in the body a person needs stability and/or mobility.  Gray Cook’s selective functional movement assessment and functional movement screens are used across the world.  He works extensively with the national football league and does screening for many teams, and all the athletes entering the NFL combine.  Though Gray Cook spends much of his time now with athletes, his system assessment system is used successfully across the world for treating various patients, whether athletes, non-athletes, the elderly, etc.


Founded by Leonard Faye, one of the most groundbreaking and well-known Chiropractors since 1960.  Motion Palpation is now headed by president Dr. Mark King and taught by Dr. Mark King, Dr. Brett Winchester, Dr. Tom Lotus, Dr. Corey Campbell, Dr. Terry Elder, Dr. David Seaman, and Dr. Sarah Macchi. At the center of the motion palpation institute teaching is palpation, but based on palpation and analysis, they teach various techniques for various problems, including rehabilitation, exercise, soft tissue work, spine and extremity adjusting, various muscle relaxation techniques, and movement analysis. For more information on Motion Palpation Institute see our services section on adjustments or go to


Founded by chiropractor Dr. Greg Rose. Greg has developed golf-specific screens and treatments for your infrequent golfer up to the tour pro.  Dr. Greg Rose has correlated, with research, that certain failed movement screens that correlate with pain and/or various swing faults.  For more information on the Titleist performance institute, view our service page here.