If you are seeing Dr. Dunn or Dr. Kulm for injuries or pain related conditions your visit will take about 60 minutes and will consist of a health history, exam, and treatment.  Pending on your history and exam findings will determine what therapies will be used for your treatment.

If you are seeing Dr. Dunn or Dr. Kulm for a non-injury condition such as headaches, weight gain, irritable bowels, fatigue, and many other conditions.  Your first visit will consist of a health history, exam, and a discussion of a plan of action for the future that may include nutritional counseling, acupuncture, supplements, laboratory testing, and other therapies deemed appropriate for your condition.

Regardless of your condition or complaint the entire visit will be spent face to face with Dr. Dunn or Dr. Kulm as opposed to with assistants or hooked up to various machines.

Based on our exam, history, and your comfort with the therapies chosen for treatment will determine what we do at each visit. Not all conditions respond to or need adjustments, which is why we offer so many other services. If you do not want to be adjusted or are afraid to be adjusted we will perform other therapies to get the results needed for your condition and comfort level. For a list of all our services please refer to the service page here.

Mile High Spine and Sport works with all forms of insurance. We require payment at time of service and we will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Your insurance company will send you a check in the mail for what is covered by your plan.

For most conditions we generally recommend seeing you for 4-8 visits. If for some reason you are not responding to care or you are only getting temporary relief from treatment we will not encourage ongoing care and help get you to the right person for your condition.

We ask that patients seeking care for pain or an injury please bring shorts and a t-shirt to change into to help with analysis and effectiveness of treatment. If you have a pair of shoes you wear frequently please bring them too. Please bring an i.d. and form of payment whether cash, check, or card.

At Mile High Spine and Sport we help treat many different conditions. We place emphasis on the entire body and how it works together as a whole to ensure optimal health. We treat spine and extremity (arms/legs) problems, as well as many non-spine and extremity problems including headaches, fatigue, irritable bowels, heartburn, weight gain, and many others.

Absolutely. If your HSA needs a superbill or itemized receipt we will be more than happy to provide one.

Yes we do. For personal injury cases you will be required to sign a lien and we will submit the claims to the appropriate party for payment for your visits.

Many of the therapies Dr. Dunn and Dr. Kulm are trained in such as Acupuncture, functional rehabilitation, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Pediatric Rehabilitation (Votja therapy) , blood work/food sensitivity testing, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment may not be fully covered or covered by insurance. If your insurance covers chiropractic care or any of our services, we will provide you with the forms to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We have set rates for our visits, so you will never receive unexpected bills in the mail for treatments that weren’t covered.

This helps keep our rates lower for our patients and places more emphasis on compliance and the patient’s role in the success of their care. The Doctor is able to choose the therapy/services which are truly best for the patient, rather than the therapy insurance will reimburse the Doctor the most.

We at Mile High Spine and Sport are always striving to be the best and give our patients the best exams and care. We pride ourselves on getting to the real issue of your condition and getting you healthy quickly and for the long-term.

We treat most conditions between one to eight visits, so our practice continually relies on new patient flow and referrals. We ask our patients to please refer their friends and family to us, so we can continue to help as many people as possible and as quickly as possible. No one deserves to live with pain.

Yes we do. We work with pain/injury conditions, developmental disorders, as well as children with no current issues to help with optimal development. Please refer to our pediatric rehabilitation service tab for some of the work we do with infants and younger children. We also work with children with developmental issues such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis, wry neck (torticollis), and many others. For these conditions it is of upmost importance the child gets help sooner than later to help optimize function and restore a more ideal developmental pattern.

When appropriate for the child, their age, and condition we perform many of the other services listed on our website as well.