Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy, also known as cold laser, is a pain-free modality used to treat various acute and chronic conditions.  The light goes through the skin and is absorbed by receptors in your cells.  Absorption of light by the receptor increases energy, protein repair, cell growth, oxygen, and blood flow.  Increased energy, growth, oxygen, and blood means faster healing.  Injured areas tend to have comprised energy, oxygen, and blood, so by increasing these, you can start the process of healing and do so even faster. 

At Mile High Spine and Sport, we use a low-level laser made by Erchonia.  Erchonia has been manufacturing lasers for longer than any laser company and has the most research supporting lasers and their use for various acute and chronic conditions.  For more about Erchonia, please go to

High-Level laser therapy or heat lasers are also used in many rehabilitative clinics. However, since these lasers produce heat, they cannot be used as long or as often.  They cannot be used on specific body areas. Heat lasers also require protective eyewear. Low-level lasers or cold lasers can be used immediately in acute conditions, and can be used more frequently, more often, or for longer durations than heat lasers without the side effects.  The cold lasers can also be used anywhere on the body without side effects except directly in the eyes.  Eyewear or protective clothing is unnecessary for cold lasers since heat is not produced. 

The best part about Erchonia’s cold laser is that it is pain-free with no side effects!!