Dr. Dunn and Dr. Kulm provide evidence-based chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments as taught by the Motion Palpation Institute. Motion Palpation is used in the spine and extremities as a diagnostic tool to determine joint dysfunction.  Aberrant motion or irregular motion at joints can interfere with movement chains of the body and can lead to early breakdown of joints or tissues in various areas of the body.  Joints can be become restricted due to poor posture, injury, and non-ideal biomechanics.  Restoring proper motion can help decrease pain and be preventative for future injury or dysfunction. Evaluation will include palpation and movement screens to determine if a patient needs chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractic adjustment consists of placing a joint in a safe position and applying a quick force in the direction of the desired movement.  An audible or popping sound may be heard with this type of therapy. The joint and the patient’s symptoms are then re-assessed after the adjustment to see if proper motion was restored.

The pop is actually the release of gas in the joint.  Joints are lubricated by what is called synovial fluid.  Bi-products of synovial fluid are CO2, nitrogen, and oxygen.  When the joint is gapped, gas is released, and a pop may be heard.

For those patients that prefer or are hesitant to get chiropractic adjustments, we provide lighter adjustments, mobilization, exercises, and/or soft tissue work to help gain the proper motion at the desired joint. These types of therapies will not produce an audible popping sound.

Motion palpation teaches postgraduate education seminars around the world in a host of subjects, including full spine analysis and adjustive techniques, gait analysis, analysis and treatment of golfers, upper dynamic movement assessment, lower dynamic movement assessment, extremity analysis and adjustive techniques, assessment and treatment of the temporomandibular joint, assessment and treatment of overhead athletes, clinical assessment and treatment of the disc, and many more.  At the center of the motion palpation institute teaching is palpation; in addition to palpation, they teach a host of different techniques for various problems, including rehabilitation, exercise, soft tissue work, spine and extremity adjusting, various muscle relaxation techniques, and movement analysis.

Dr. Dunn has completed over 150 hours of post-graduate seminars through the Motion Palpation Institute.  Seminars attended include:

  • Full Spine Analysis and Adjustive Techniques
  • Evaluation and Management of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine
  • Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Analysis and Adjustive Technique
  • Extremity Analysis and Adjustive Techniques
  • Lower Quarter Functional Assessment and Treatment
  • Upper Quarter Functional Assessment and Treatment
  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment on the Disc
  • Assessment and Treatment of Overhead Athletes
  • Gait- Master’s series
  • Analysis and Treatment of the Golfer
  • Analysis and Treatment of Extremities
  • Assessment and treatment of the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

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