Titleist Performance Institute

Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional

Titleist offers a multi-level, multi-certification program for medical professionals.  Credentialing requires attendance to various Titleist Performance Institute seminars, passing exams at each level, and extra continuing education requirements yearly to remain certified

Titleist performance institute has developed a set of screens specific to golfers and their ability to swing properly and pain-free.  A failure of a specific screen such as a standing rotation test correlates with various swing patterns as well as certain injuries you might see if someone swings that way due to a movement flaw.  Titleist screens evaluate movements for every joint motion required in the golf swing.  They have the research to correlate their screen with certain swing faults and with certain injuries.  Getting your golf movement analysis by a Titleist Performance Institute medical professional is a must to stay healthy and play your best golf. As we age we lose more and more motion due to posture, activity levels, improper exercise, and the general age process.  It is crucial for your overall health and for your golf game that you stay agile, fit, and pain-free.

If you are pain-free a Titleist Performance Institute medical professional analysis will consist of various golf-related movement screens, and based on your results you will be given home exercises to help restore motion and/or stability at various areas in your body to help you towards a more fluid swing

If you happen to be in pain, whether from golf, when golfing, or completely unrelated to golf a Titleist Performance Institute medical professional will run you through various movement and stability screens for every joint in your body to determine the area that needs to be addressed to help take your pain away.  Whether you are a golfer or not, this screening system called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment is very effective at determining problem areas and fixing them so you can get back to what you love to do.

For more information about TPI go to mytpi.com

For more information about the Selective Functional Movement Assessment which is applied to all golfers in pain through the Titleist Performance Institute, please visit the SFMA website.

Dr. Dunn is a registered TPI level 3 medical professional. The highest certification with Titleist and via his Titleist level 2 certification, is also trained in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Have you ever wondered why, no matter what you do, you seem to come over the top when you swing, or you end up too close to the ball at contact, etc?  Have you ever wondered if it might be because you lack the proper motion or stability to not do the wrong thing.   If it is a motion or stability issue no amount of golf drills or hours on the range will change that. We will help you get the proper motion and stability you need so you can work with your swing coach toward a more optimal swing for you.