10 Ways to Prevent Back Pain #9 Get Adjusted

The primary focus of this blog has been on things we can do ourselves to prevent back pain. Current research supports the use of chiropractic adjustments combined with exercise is far superior to treating and preventing back pain than is either adjustments or exercise alone. Both exercise and chiropractic help with back pain, but its the combination of the two together that gives us the best result.
If we play a sport and/or have a job that puts us in stressful positions, exercise and stretching alone may not be enough to take postural stresses off our body. If we sit for hours a day every day, no amount of stretching and exercise can truly reverse the hours spent in the same position day in and day out. We develop tightness, stiffness, and pain in many common areas with repetitive, prolonged activities whether sitting at a desk or training for a sport. Chiropractic Adjustments can help to off-set the aches, pains, and tightness associated with our lifestyles by creating more motion where appropriate and re-establishing proper muscle balance and function. After proper motion has been re-established, we are able to move and feel better. For more info about the chiropractic adjustment and how it works refer to our adjustment page here.
The best athletes in the world know the importance of a good chiropractor to help keep them healthy and performing their best. If you are struggling with any aches and pains or just looking for better performance, a chiropractor is crucial to your goals.

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