Desk Ergonomics: For comfort and pain relief   How to Set Up your Desk Your computer set up whether sitting or standing should look like this. Computer screen directly in front of you at eye level. Bring your computer to you. If you have to lean forward to see your screen it is either too


  In the past several blogs we have gone over various stretches for helping with flexibility. My favorite stretch, Tight Hamstrings, and Fix those Knees However, we always have to ask the question, “Why is a muscle tight in the first place?”   Muscles can be tight for several reasons (injury, protective response, postural habits,


  You are in a time pinch and you feel tight. You have been sitting all day at your desk, what can you do quickly to loose up?   My favorite exercise to do after prolonged sitting is “The Couch Stretch”.   When we sit for long periods of time with our hips in a shortened


Tight hamstrings!!  “Why are my hamstrings always so tight, I stretch them all the time?”   A common question we get from patients all the time. You can have tightness in the hamstring area for a multitude of different reasons such as posture/pelvic positioning, neural tension, disc herniations, or previous hamstring injury. The most common


As we age new things start to hurt and nothing can be more aggravating than a painful knee. Knee pain can make it difficult to do anything active at all. To help keep our knees healthy, it is important we maintain proper strength and proper flexibility throughout our body.

The knee is the middle child of our lower body, “It is stuck between our hip and our ankle, and like the middle child, its gets blamed for everything!”

When we don’t have proper muscle balance and flexibility in our ankles and our hips, the knee has to make up the Continue reading Fix those Knees


Welcome to our final post in our ten part blog series to preventing back pain. Please refer back to old posts to learn how to move better and feel better. Although this blog series is geared towards preventing back pain, many of the things we discussed are preventative for all sorts of pain and disease conditions.   If we move well, eat well, manage stress well, exercise, and get periodic soft tissue work and chiropractic work, many of aches, pains, and health conditions Continue reading 10 ways to prevent back pain: Repair your Gut

The primary focus of this blog has been on things we can do ourselves to prevent back pain. Current research supports the use of chiropractic adjustments combined with exercise is far superior to treating and preventing back pain than is either adjustments or exercise alone. Both exercise and chiropractic help with back pain, but its the combination of the two together that gives us the best result.
If we play a sport and/or have a job that puts us in stressful positions, exercise and stretching alone may not be enough to take postural Continue reading 10 Ways to Prevent Back Pain #9 Get Adjusted

10 ways to prevent back pain #8 Stress Relief Research on low back pain and other pains has found that where there is areas of pain there is lack of oxygen to the tissue and therefore muscle wasting. Dr. Sarno, a famous pain psychiatrist associates this lack of oxygen to the tissue to be due to repressed emotions and in particular repressed anger and anxiety. With stressful times whether physical, mental, or emotional we are more to injury and pain flare-ups. So we are stressed, angry, we repress emotions, what are we supposed to do Continue reading 10 Ways to Prevent Back Pain: #8 Stress relief

10 ways to prevent back pain #7 Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Inflammation. The dreaded word! What is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process. Inflammation is actually normal and actually helps to initiate healing. Well then what is the problem with inflammation? Due to diet, stress, lifestyle, genetics, and numerous other factors many people’s bodies stay in a Continue reading 10 Ways To Prevent Back Pain: #7 Eat an Anti-inflammatory Diet