10 ways to prevent back pain #8 Stress Relief Research on low back pain and other pains has found that where there is areas of pain there is lack of oxygen to the tissue and therefore muscle wasting. Dr. Sarno, a famous pain psychiatrist associates this lack of oxygen to the tissue to be due to repressed emotions and in particular repressed anger and anxiety. With stressful times whether physical, mental, or emotional we are more to injury and pain flare-ups. So we are stressed, angry, we repress emotions, what are we supposed to do Continue reading 10 Ways to Prevent Back Pain: #8 Stress relief

10 ways to prevent back pain #7 Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Inflammation. The dreaded word! What is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process. Inflammation is actually normal and actually helps to initiate healing. Well then what is the problem with inflammation? Due to diet, stress, lifestyle, genetics, and numerous other factors many people’s bodies stay in a Continue reading 10 Ways To Prevent Back Pain: #7 Eat an Anti-inflammatory Diet

10 ways to prevent back pain #6 Increase Thoracic Spine Mobility Our low back (lumbar spine) is stuck in between our hips and our thoracic spine (upper back/ribs). If we lack motion at our hips or in our upper back it puts a ton of extra stress on the lower back. In particular, as we age we lose hip mobility and thoracic spine extension. In our first blog post we talked about the importance of hip mobility for preventing back pain. Our body is an assembly line of joints and muscles, if one person isn’t doing their job the Continue reading 10 Ways To Prevent Back Pain: #6 Increase Thoracic Spine Mobility

10 ways to prevent back pain: #5 Limit Sitting and Bending We all have to sit and bend over as it is just part of life. However, a large predictor for back pain episodes is the amount we sit per day and/or the number of times we bend over. A healthy back should be able to withstand up to 10,000 bends a day. When things go wrong is when we lift, move, and sit with poor posture day in and day out. If you are someone that sits a lot, you are not only predisposing yourself to episodes of back pain, but also to numerous other Continue reading 10 Ways to Prevent Back Pain: #5 Limit Sitting and Bending

10 ways to prevent back pain #4 Improve Ankle Mobility   When examining patients with low back pain most of them have a loss of upwards ankle motion called ankle dorsiflexion. Ankle dorsiflexion is the motion of our ankle bending upwards.  When performing a standard calf stretch we are working on ankle dorsiflexion. When walking we should have at least 10 degrees of ankle dorsiflexion and when running, going up a hill, or going down stairs we should have at least 20 degrees. When our ankles are tight, stiff, or just lack motion, it puts Continue reading 10 ways to prevent back pain: #4 Improve Ankle Motion

10 ways to help prevent back pain #3 Breathing   Improper or limited breathing can lead to a host of medical problems such as pain, increased muscle tension, anxiety, irritable bowels, heartburn, high blood pressure, and many other conditions.  Many of us breathe with a rapid, shallow, chest dominant breathing pattern due to reasons such as stress, injury, muscle weakness, and/or wanting a smaller midsection. Restoring proper breathing has tremendous benefits in the way we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically.  We call this Continue reading 10 ways to prevent back pain: #3 Breathing

We have mentioned the core prior on this blog in Myth 1: Sit-ups and crunches for a strong core!.  When most people say core they are referring to the muscles around our abdomen.  When we have shoulder, hip, knee, back pain, and other pains we are commonly told we need to strengthen our core.

So what do most of us do to train the core?

We do crunches, sit-ups, ab twists, etc.  Although these strengthen some of the muscles of the core they do so at the cost of beating up our Continue reading 10 ways to prevent back pain #2 Develop a Stable Core

#1 Maintain Proper Flexibility Through the Hips.

Our body is an assembly line of joints.   When one joint isn’t moving properly or working enough, the next joint has to work even harder.  Over time this can lead to joint degeneration, poor movement patterns, and pain.

When we have hips not functioning properly either due to flexibility or stability problems, the low back has to work overtime. The low back isn’t designed to have the same amount of mobility as the hips, so when the low back is asked to work overtime and bend more Continue reading 10 ways to help prevent back pain- #1 Hip flexibility!

First of all what is core exercise?  It seems to be the new phrase word that everyone wants to use.  I want to workout my core.  When most people say core they are referring to those washboard abs and to get rid of those love handles.  As far as I am concerned core is everything from your knees to your elbows.  Isolating individual muscles like the rectus abdominus (6 pack muscle) repetitively over time feeds poor movement patterns and leads to injury.  We are most susceptible to back pain and other aches in pain with repetitve Continue reading Myth #1: Situps and Crunches for a Strong Core